Functions of Car Tracker

With how sophisticated technology has become, vehicle tracking systemis no longer something uncommon. The newest technology usually uses GPS or GLONASS though there are other technologies as well.


Admittedly there are many functions for gps car tracker. For personal use, you can use this kind of technology to prevent your car from getting stolen. In the case that it gets stolen, you can simply turn on the tracking unit in your car and it will transmit signals that can be followed. Usually, this kind of technology also used by fleet operators be it to track their vehicles, route them, dispatch them or for security purpose. It can also be used to help them to make sure that they are on time. Companies also use this kind of technology. Usually they use it to track their valuable asset. After all, they will want to make sure that their asset is in good hand. Companies that offer services such as maintenance or repair can use this kind of technology to make sure that their employees are on schedule.


There is no doubt that gps car tracker is very important. But having your own GPS plus units of radio triangulation can be really costly. Not to mention that you also need to consider the price you have to pay for said installation which can also be quite expensive. Then there are the monthly fees that you have to pay to whichever service you trust. Fortunately, there is an alternative you can do to have a GPS on your car without having to spend too much money. All you need to have is a phone that is already equipped with GPS that you no longer use. You can simply rig your phone to be your car tracking system. If you are looking for how to do that, you can always look on the internet.